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The content of this channel is provided by a third-party investment consulting Service Company to provide investment strategy consulting services for customers。

Special statement: DAVINCI does not provide any trading strategies and investment advice to customers, and does not participate in activities that affect customer investment decisions. Customers should make their own decisions when making transactions.
by a third-party investment Service
SIA is an investment advisory and consulting firm specializing in middle-class individual investors, founded by Malaysian Senior Investment Master Nick Teng. Based on global investment market research, consultants and foreign exchange investment advisory services, SIA aims to help investors comprehend foreign exchange investment, risk control and asset appreciation.

Exclusive membership service

  • Daily market analysis - check the latest daily market, multi-variety video solution + precise entry point.
  • Trading Reminder - Advance strategy adjustment, real-time tracking reminder of take profit target, major risk warning.
  • Medium and long-term layout - when there are big opportunities for certain varieties, do mid-line layout and expand long-term benefits
  • EIA Investment Report - EIA data is analyzed in advance of the layout, and major crude oil data will not be missed.
  • Large non-agricultural investment report - a monthly non-agricultural profit feast, analyzed in advance and lay out in advance.

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