Trading Fees

The following is Davinci's fee, so you can keep up with the costs of trading in Davinci.

  • Spread

    The spread is the difference between the buying and selling price. Davinci's spread is floating. Davinci gives all traders and professional traders equal opportunities to enter Davinci's central market depth and enjoy the low spreads and stable price liquidity offered by top banks and institutions in a limit order.

  • Handling fee

    Davinci can provide customers with the best handling fee based on the customer's trading volume and other. For the first time contact with our customers, our handling fee is 2.5% of the Occupied Margin. It should be noted that the handling fee will be charged whether you open or close the position.

  • Overnight fee

    In the foreign exchange market, overnight customers need to pay an overnight fee. The standard for overnight fees varies according to different trading types. Davinci updates the overnight fee for different symbols on a weekly basis, but does not rule out unpredictable market reasons. The violent fluctuations caused, the overnight fee will change within the day.

    The specific overnight fee for the specific day can be found in the product profile of MT5 or Wazhi Zhitou's trading products.