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DAVINCI Company Introduction,History of Development, Product Introduction, Company culture, Technical support, Company Honor,Organization,etc.

  • Company Introduction

    DAVINCI company established in 2016,it is the world's leading provider of financial technology CFD trading services.DAVINCI Technology relies on intelligent technology, mass data, information ecology and other technologies to enhance the joy of investment.

    DAVINCI has developed a global operation team, 600 employees in worldwide, business in 12 countries and regions, mainly includes: Hong Kong Financial Technology Centre, Japan Cloud Data Center, UK Asset Management Centre, Australian Data Collection Center, American Global Group Administration Center, Malaysia Operations Center, Seychelles Financial Management Center, Distribution agencies such as the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Offshore Financial Management Center.

  • History of Development

    In 2016, The Davinci R&D team develops and tests intelligent investment systems in Australia.

    In 2017, Complete the smart investment system investment test, the system realizes 213 trading days of profit throughout the year, with an accuracy rate of 80%.

    In January, 2018, the company established.

    In March, 2018, the company launched its app, called Wave Robo Adviser to provide customers with a one-click, smart and profitable investment product.

    In March 2018, DaVinci Technology purchased the official genuine Meta Trader5 and launched the DAVINCI MT5 platform.

    In November, 2018, Davinci technology was founded in UK to oversee the management and supervision of Davinci’s global assets.

    In December, 2018, Davinci technology was founded in New York, which is responsible for the management and supervision of the business operations of the Davinci Group.

    In January, 2019, Davinci technology was established in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, responsible for the supervision of Davinci offshore financial services.

    In June 2019, the American Davinci Fund Management INC was established,responsible for the operation management of the fund of the Davinci group.

  • Product Introduction


    WFX Intelligent Investment is an online trading service platform of Internet CFD. It provides one-key purchasing for intelligent investment of similar funds, and provides one-key follow-up service by AI artificial intelligence analysis + EA quantitative trading. which is designed for lazy investors. It provides professional and safe foreign exchange follow-trading services. UK Barclays Bank liquidator provides the trading flow and supervision service to ensure safe fund. It trade by Barclays Bank foreign exchange, CME Group commodity exchange, Saxo bank and other global trading platforms. The services include foreign exchange, precious metal, gold, silver, and crude oil.


    DAVINCI MT5 is a trading software for one foreign exchange, futures and other financial products.here are 21 time periods, such as 2 minute chart, 3 hour chart, and 70 technical indexes.There are five order types and four execution modes to increase option variety.Meanwhile, EA test is more powerful.Programming is easier and faster.In the era of MT5, the computing speed of the new generation programming language MetaQuotes Language 5 will increase several times faster, and it will be easier to convert with C code.Besides, new testing tools such as IntellySence system will also be added.

  • Technical support

    DAVINCI Technology has a global trading market information ecosystem, intelligent EA system, AI intelligent investment, big data, risk control, cloud computing transaction analysis system, quantitative trading data tracking system, Research and development of multiple trading systems, such as institutional transaction signal tracking system, can effectively track global major transaction data and process high-speed data through technical means. Davinci Technology is committed to providing users with a new experience of smart and convenient financial services.

  • Company culture

    Davinci Corporation uses science and technology to change their lives, and it uses a team of professional trading analysts to ensure the safety of users’ funds.

    It uses a strict risk control system and British liquidator for their users to truly realize the business concept of scientific and technological innovation.“technology revolution”, and “benefit everyone ”.

    Helping investors to make money is simple and sincere.

  • Organization

  • Company Honor


    2016 Australian Financial Technology Innovation Award


    New Zealand Financial Services Association 2016 Finance and Technology Festival

    Exhibition Special Contribution Award


    Sydney Fintech Research Institute

    2017 Financial Technology Innovation

    Exhibition Innovation Team Award


    European institute of intelligent technology 2017 European Alliance for Intelligent

    Science and Technology Development(UK)Innovation Team Award


    Global Association for Technological Development (France)

    2017 Artificial Intelligence Science of Global Association for Scientific and Technological Development(France)

    Technology Innovation Award


    Fintech association of Singapore

    2017 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Financial Summit Innovation Team Award


    Hong Kong venture and investment association

    2017 Asian Financial Science and Technology Conference(Hong Kong)

    Special Contribution Award


    Singapore Financial Management Association Fintech And Financial Services 2018

    New Technology Award

  • Certification